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PromoNet Data Call 2018

It's that time of year again, we need to get all of our supplier product data updated... Lots of lovely spreadsheets! If you have data on our systems already we ask that you now register on www.datadirectory.co.uk to download your data sheet for updating. If you don't it's free to add products and we also offer some other useful services to suppliers for free!

On the new data directory you can update products 1 by 1 or you can download amend and upload a formatted CSV file for mass upload. Once uploaded we can provide a data feed for you to provide to other companies or distributors free of charge.

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New Feature - Credit Control

Today we will be rolling out a new credit control feature. This will override the current credit limits and on stop / off stop system. If you choose to continue to use the old credit limits on the user accounts nothing will be affected.

The new system will be available from the invoices drop down menu. Credit limits assigned in the new system work based on domain name taken from the users email address as this is the only constant data point we have...

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PromoNet Artwork Assist - PDF Visual Creation

PromoNet is now offering all ProMart clients artwork assistance built directly into your ProMart 3.0 system. When raising an order in ProMart you will now have an additional checkbox to request that we complete the artwork proof process for you.

Simply check this box and we will produce a print ready PDF file and upload to your system. If there are any amends we will receive them directly and sort those for you too! A completely hands off artwork experience.

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And Over the Line for ProMart 3.0

We are pleased to announce that all of our websites have been successfully migrated to ProMart 3.0! It's been a long hard slog, but really worth it. We have really enjoyed the process but many times wished to see the end closer.

Since we started the massive job of building the entirly new front end e-commerce system and ditching Virtuemart, it's taken 4 of us 6-7 months to complete.

Myself personally, I have worked every single weekend from there to here. Excluding Christmas Weekend! My wife and family are certainly looking forward to having me back!

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ProMart 3.0 - Progress - April 2017

We have been playing “I’m so excited" by the Pointer Sisters in the office all week. Everything is coming together. The task list has become a lot shorter than it was 2 weeks ago.
We have now updated the reseller system to something entirely new. All the old reseller websites will be phased out over time. We will now be offering a free to use service from our new website repacker.co.uk (apologies to anyone who received an email from this site, this was in error)

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ProMart 3.0 - Progress - March 2017

As you all know we are still working hard towards a stable release of ProMart 3.0. We have had a few extra features that we have decided to implement before launch. We have now removed the product archive and replaced it with a MY PRODUCTS system. This means that any products you put on the sites yourself are now stored separately this means we can drop our product database in a lot faster and can schedule it to happen directly from our new data directory every 24 hours. This means we can be a lot more proactive on adding new products and updating prices.

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ProMart 3.0 - Progress

It's been a chaotic few weeks full of late nights and long weekends. ProMart 3.0 is no small update. We have completely rebuilt the front end shop system so that we no longer have to rely on other components and can easily apply security updates going forwards. I know all our clients are eagerly awaiting their new sites so thought it would be prudent to give a quick update.

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Happy New Year 2017! - Looking Forward

It feels like yesterday that we were wishing all a Happy New Year for 2016. And what a year it was. Many highs and lows. ProMart continues to grow in user base and we are now moving closer to a 100% standalone solution. We hope to have ProMart 3.0 completely released by the end of February 2017 and all current users migrated into new templates (if they require them) by the end of March 2017.

We have added a lot of new features in the past 12 months...

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New Feature - Send Product Category / Search Via Email

We have recently added a new feature that allows users to quickly send a range of products to a client for consideration. These products can be grouped together using the keyword-search-terms on each product or can be sent by links on all the categories and indexes.

This new feature is being used to great effect by our clients and offers a quick and easy introduction email when targeting a particular event or exhibition. 

They can also be used in our new mailing system.

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