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The reason the product archive was created is for new ProMart 2.0 users to store all of the items that were either on their previous website, or do not have enough accurate pricing information to allow for full e-commerce transactions. Items in the product archive do not have prices displayed.

It also allows mass 301 redirects based on product ID's to your new website.

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The coupon system is designed to allow you to issue coupons to particular users or a specific quantity of coupons per user account. There are various different options when creating a coupon as shown below.

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The list of couriers is used on the Despatch Order page. And is used in the despatch notification emails to notify the customer where they can track their order. We are happy to add all the ones we currently have to your site upon site build. It's a very easy operation to add more and edit the current ones.

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The customer area allows both admins and users to access parts of their account to keep details up-to-date and download past invoices and sales orders. We also store all previous artwork on the server so that it's easily accessible at all times for repeat orders.

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Email Manager

One of the things we really wanted to do with ProMart 2.0 is allow a front end administrator to access all the settings, in order to change any of the text or design of the emails within the system.

When we create your site we use a generic set of email notifications and PDF templates. You are welcome to change these using standard HTML as all the PDF's and emails are generated from these templates.

We have also built in some settings to make the changing of information across all the emails a lot easier. We call these shortcode replacers and you can add as many as your need and they will replace the HTML content you define within the email manager.

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Order Progress

The order progress system is the beating heart of ProMart 2.0. From here you can see every order on your system and see what stage it is upto. We have set up a step by step traffic light system with access to all parts of an order. Each member of your team will use this in a different way.

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Purchase Orders

The purchase order system is designed to be interactive. There are 2 buttons on each Purchase Order. One of the buttons links to the Despatch order page for that order and is accessible via a special URL that is unique to each order. The other button is a simple "Click to Accept" button which marks the order as received on order progress and sends you and the supplier an email notification.

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One of the most important parts of ProMart 2.0 is the quotation system. This has been designed to be as user friendly and as fast as possible to operate.

Starting from a blank quote we load in all the required information. All Website Orders and Website Enquiries are fed into the quotation system. There is no double entry of customer details. We simply load all details of the order/enquiry into a fresh quotation and send it to the customer via email.

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The reporting system gives management access to up-to-date company sales information. The image below is filtered down to a single sales person and a single order (for obvious reasons).

At full display the report system allows you to see a specific Salesperson's sales figures and filter years and months, so that you can compare the current month to the last 2-3 years. We keep the processing power down by running the reports for each month and storing them in the database rather than re-calculating values on each page load. You can refresh the database by selecting the year and month you want to scan and run the updater.

We have not added anymore management reports because the reports available in Quickbooks Online are more than adequate.

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