Why did we do this when we already have SagePay integration?

The total monthly costs for using Sage Pay is around £80

  • Merchant Account = £25 PCM
  • SagePay Account Min Fee = £25 PCM
  • Tokenised Payments Facility = £25 PCM
  • PCI Compliance Admin Fee = £5.99 PCM

These costs can often put new clients off when deciding wether to go full e-commerce or just have an enquiry website. 

The total monthly costs for using Stripe is £0.00

  • Merchant Account = Not Required
  • Stripe Account Min Fee = Not Required
  • Tokenised Payments Facility = Free!
  • PCI Compliance Admin Fee = Not Required

Are there any drawbacks?

There is only one minor drawback when using Stripe payments. We can only use the card once per token. This means the users card details are deleted from Stripe servers once a transaction has been made. So we cannot save cards onto users accounts for re use like we do with SagePay tokenised payments.

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