If you want to maximise your visibility and drive sales, Search Engine Optimization is an essential tool to use.

SEO work can be expensive and you will not always see results from the investment. At PromoNet, we offer three services which we believe will boost your visibility and are a cost-effective solution.

Bespoke SEO Campaigns

We can provide custom SEO Solutions to clients, big and small, tailoring your SEO package for your particular budget with the option of adding other Online Marketing Strategies that include:

Paid Search (Pay Per Click – PPC)

Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing

Local SEO services for targeting communities.

Full website marketing services

For Bespoke SEO, we use a third party UK based company who provide SEO and full digital marketing solutions to their clients.

For more information, please visit 

They do everything by the book. No tricks or shortcuts. They are the best in class for bespoke campaigns.


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